Bigg Boss 16 13th October 2022 Episode 13 Written Updates

Bigg Supervisor 16, the season which is blending a ton of sentiment and battles, is very unique in relation to any remaining seasons. With the right invention of tomfoolery and show, this season has a combination of different housemates and one of a kind undertakings.

Bigg Manager 16 Live Updates 11 October

We know how it can get somewhat extreme to watch and see every development in the house and subsequently, we are here to settle this issue. Here are the composed updates from the most recent episode. Continue to peruse.

Bigg Manager 16 Episode Features Day 11

8:00 AM: Now is the right time to get up.
The competitors by and by get up to a blasting caution. In the wake of social event in the nursery region, they sing the now-well known Bigg Manager song of devotion.

10:30 AM: There’s another couple in the house!
Shalin and Tina share a charming second in the washroom region. The previous commitments the last option that he couldn’t at any point hurt her. He likewise says that he has significantly more to lose than her, indicating his past relationship. He likewise uncovers that there are a ton of stunning disclosures that he doesn’t discuss.
11:00 AM: Indeed, love is all around.
Shalin lets Gautam know that there are a few changes occurring in the house and admits that he prefers Tina. Gautam says that he knew it right off the bat and furthermore recommends that he ought to admit it to her.

11:30 AM: Shalin loans some assistance.
Soundarya requests that Gautam assist her with weight lifting. Shalin hops into her and helps her into the rec center region. In the feasting region, Gautam lets Nimrit know that it’s offending to him.

1:00 PM: Gautam prods Shalin.
Gautam sits on a similar seat as Tina to prod Shalin. Gautam jokes “ki yeh meri hai”. Shalin says “yeh zaada ho raha hai, haath hata le.” Shalin becomes flushed.

1:30 PM: Bigg Manager calls Gautam into the admission room.
Bigg Manager calls Gautam into the admission room and lets him know that the show has rolled out certain improvements in the apportion, according to the prerequisites of the housemates. Thusly, the proportion ought to be isolated appropriately. Afterward, Gautam passes something very similar on to the housemates.
3:15 PM: Shalin communicates his sentiments to Sajid.
Shalin lets Sajid know that he’s not a powerless soul but rather he doesn’t wish to return into his past and says that he has a board of legal counselors. Sajid requests that he grin and end the discussion. They embrace it out.

4:00 PM: Abdu, the rockstar!
Bigg Supervisor plays a video, highlighting Abdu in his melody, Chota Bhaijaan. In the video, he changes himself into Salman Khan’s personality. Afterward, Bigg Supervisor gives an errand to Nimrit and Priyanka to make two separate music recordings, as opponent chiefs, on similar melody in two hours or less. Nimrit requests that Sajid assist her with her video and Shiv assists Priyanka with her video.

4:15 PM: Archana keeps on battling about the cooking issue.
Archana attacks the kitchen group for not planning food on time and lets the skipper know that on the off chance that she won’t get food on time, then she will cook for herself the following time. He calms her down and says that this issue will be dealt with.

4:30 PM: MC Stan and Archana clash.
MC Stan gets into a contention with Archana and mishandles her. He requests that she act like a lady and quit pinning things on others. After the quarreling, she separates before different housemates and swears on her mom that she isn’t lying.

8:15 PM: And the victor is…
Bigg Manager plays both, Nimrit and Priyanka’s music recordings, and requests that the candidates pick the best one. With the most extreme votes (8), Priyanka wins the assignment and Bigg Manager gives her the obligation to pick rooms for the housemates. After a ton of conversations, she separates and settles the space for every housemate.

9:00 PM: MC Stan apologizes to Archana.
In the room, the couple talk about their contention. Archana cries and embraces MC Stan. She demands him not misuse her later on. He tells her that he’s consistently alongside her.
10:30 PM: Bigg Manager gathers Priyanka into the admission room.
Bigg Manager calls Priyanka into the admission room and asks her the purposes for her room division. Bigg Manager applauded her for her intense step.

11:00 PM: Shalin admits his affection to Tina.
Shalin lets Tina know that assuming he gets expelled, he’ll anticipate seeing her once more. He tells her that he adores her. Be that as it may, she accepts it as a trick. Gautam mediates and expresses that as the need might arise to deal with the security of the ladies inside the house. The three mess around.

11:30 PM: On a lighter note.
The whole house kids about Archana and Shalin sharing the room together. Soundarya tells Gautam that Shalin is thoroughly taking care of film.

12:00 AM: Archana trick Shalin.
The day closes with Archana tricking and terrifying Shalin, at the evening. Sumbul and Tina assist Archana with this trick. Be that as it may, she flops as he awakens.

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